WIlliam and Mary Essays


Starting the Search for a New College President

Da Vinci and De Groft: a winning combo

No History Equals No Liberal Arts

Alumni Lose Autonomy

Read actual Curriculum Statement 2014 Here

Curriculum "Suggestions"

Curriculum Calls for Intervention

Falling Behind, Failing to Serve

Justify Curriculum Choices

W&M's Unique Selling Point

What I Love About W&M

Budget, Curriculum and More

W&M is Lowering Standards

W&M's Quest for Lower Standards

Bold Choices Ahead

Only Had One a Dubious Defense

Dumbing Down W&M

Flippin Should Resign

Aid Comparison Difficult

Gateway Revisited

Let's Review Free Rides

Wishy-washy at W&M

Ranking Should Rankle Administrators

Don't Ignore the Ranking

At last, Bias System dumped

Sex Forum was a bust

Not an Intellectual Pursuit

Drop Diversity from Goals

Why the Big Hurry?

Gateway is really a quota

Where He Went Wrong

Sex Sells and W&M is Buying

Imagery Ban is Overkill

Judging the College President

Downplaying Mistakes

The Disappearing Cross

Cross Still in the Closet

Offensive Siting of the Cross

A Presidential Classroom

10,000+ People are Cross

At Cross Purposes

Wren Spare Room